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MODULE 1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Definition and importance of supply chain management
Evolution and historical context of supply chains
Key components of supply chains: procurement, production, distribution, logistics, and reverse logistics

MODULE 2: Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain strategies: lean, agile, and hybrid approaches
Strategic decisions in supply chain management: network design, inventory management, outsourcing
Supply chain risk management and mitigation strategies

MODULE 3: Supply Chain Planning

Demand forecasting techniques
Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
Inventory management techniques: EOQ, safety stock, reorder point

MODULE 4: Supply Chain Coordination and Collaboration

Supplier relationship management (SRM)
Collaboration and coordination across supply chain partners
Technologies enabling supply chain visibility and collaboration

MODULE 5: Supply Chain Optimization

Introduction to supply chain optimization
Linear programming models for supply chain optimization
Transportation and distribution optimization

MODULE 6: Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Principles of sustainable supply chain management
Green supply chain practices and initiatives
Triple bottom line approach: people, planet, profit

MODULE 7: Supply Chain Analytics

Introduction to supply chain analytics
Key performance indicators (KPIs) for supply chain performance measurement
Data-driven decision-making in supply chain management

MODULE 8: Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Management

Digital transformation in supply chain management: IoT, blockchain, AI
E-commerce and omnichannel logistics
Resilient supply chains: strategies for disruptions and uncertainties

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