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What is Android development?

Launch your Android Development Career and master the skills and knowledge necessary to create android apps with Krutanic Android Development course.

This Android Development full course equips you with the knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of Android Development and builds your background in Android Architecture and internals. To help you learn how to build a working mobile application of your own, it also teaches you advanced use cases of Android like handling social media, connectivity, and multimedia. It will give you Android training and hands-on experience in programming tools and languages unnecessary for Android Development.

Module 1:
Introduction to Mobile Applications
Brief history of mobile applications
Different types of mobile applications
How mobile applications are impacting our life?

Module 2:
What is Android?
Brief history of Android
Pre-requisites to learn Android.
Brief discussion on Java programming

Module 3:
Android Architecture
High Level Architecture of Android
Introduction to application framework
Introduction to libraries

Module 4:
Preparing Android Development
System requirements
Installing Android Studio
Exploring Android Studio and tools
Overview of Android build system

Module 5:
Creating Basic Android Application
Creating Android project
Project organization
Setting up real Android device
Setting up Android emulator
Developing simple user interface
Running your Android application

Module 6: Android application components
Intent and Intent filters
Activities and its lifecycle
Services, Broadcast Receivers
Content Providers
App Widgets
Processes and Threads
User Interface Components
Views and layouts
Input controls, Input Events

Module 7: Advanced UI
Canvas, Web View
Styles and Themes
Drag and drop.
Creating custom components

Duration 3 months (10 hours per week)
Certification Yes
Prerequisites No prior coding knowledge required.
Tools Java/Kotlin, Android Studio, Flutter


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What Will You Learn?

  • Krutanic's comprehensive Android App Development course is designed to teach you crucial frameworks for building your own mobile apps.
  • This Android course guides you through the evolution of mobile applications, addressing questions such as the various types of mobile applications and the impact of mobile apps on our daily lives. It will assist you in understanding what Android is, its brief history, the prerequisites for taking an Android app development course, and the basics of Java programming.
  • You'll be introduced to mobile application frameworks and libraries, along with a high-level overview of the Android architecture. The course provides insights into the Android build system, guiding you on how to install Android Studio and effectively use its tools.
  • Recognized as a top-notch Android Development course by learners, Krutanic's program teaches you the process of creating your first Android project, organizing it, setting up a real Android device, developing a simple user interface, and running your initial Android application.
  • This course delivers comprehensive Android training, covering all Android Application Components and User Interface Components. Krutanic's Advanced Android Development course also delves into advanced UI concepts, empowering you to create functional applications on your own.

Course Content

Module 1

  • Introduction To Android