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Course Description:
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to AutoCAD, a computer-aided design (CAD) software used in various industries for creating 2D and 3D drawings. Students will learn fundamental skills for drawing, editing, and annotating drawings using AutoCAD. Through hands-on exercises and projects, students will develop proficiency in creating technical drawings and models.

MODULE 1: Introduction to AutoCAD

Overview of AutoCAD and its applications
User interface and workspace customization
Basic drawing and editing commands

MODULE 2: Drawing Basics

Setting up drawing units and limits
Drawing precision tools (snap, grid, polar tracking)
Drawing and modifying basic geometric shapes

MODULE 3: Object Selection and Modification

Selecting objects and using grips
Basic editing commands (move, copy, rotate, scale, mirror)
Exploring advanced editing tools

MODULE 4: Annotation and Text

Adding text and annotations to drawings
Creating and editing dimensions
Using annotation scales and styles

MODULE 5: Layers and Properties

Understanding layers and layer properties
Managing layer properties and layer states
Working with object properties

MODULE 6: Blocks and External References

Creating and inserting blocks
Managing block libraries
Attaching and managing external references (Xrefs)

MODULE 7: Advanced Drawing Techniques

Advanced object snapping techniques
Drawing aids (construction lines, rays, splines)
Parametric drawing tools

MODULE 8: Introduction to 3D Modeling

Overview of 3D modeling concepts
Basic 3D modeling tools and commands
Creating and editing 3D solids and surfaces

MODULE 9: Advanced 3D Modeling

Creating complex 3D objects
Using Boolean operations (union, subtract, intersect)
Editing 3D models using modification tools

MODULE 10: Rendering and Visualization

Introduction to rendering in AutoCAD
Applying materials and textures
Generating rendered images and walkthroughs


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